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2-day tour plan

2018-04-04 19:12:10

In the play shared two days, if there is a short vacation want to travel, you can come in and see.


First of all, the location of the tour is near the railway station (railway station and bus station together), so it is more convenient to find a hotel near the railway station, and it is also suitable for catching a train. So, I was looking for a hotel near the train station. So the students who take the train don't have to say, directly book the room on the Internet, and talk about the students who come by plane. When you get off the plane and go out, there will be a bus ticket seller in the lobby (regular), you can see it when you come out, and then you can choose where you want to go. I am going to the train station, so the picture is shown. Turn left out of the lobby and you will see a lot of buses waiting for you!


First stop: the Trestle Bridge. There will be a lot of local residents in the morning, so in addition to the good air in the early morning, you can feel the local customs. There will be a lot of tourists later, there will be a lot of people, I went in July, there are many locals in the middle of the trestle diving swimming, really very healthy, envy ~ in the trestle you can see a lot of scenery, buildings, naval museum, etc., so this is one of the must-go attractions.


Second stop: The Museum of the former German prison. Take 316 to University Road from the trestle bridge to get off, which is very realistic, is a historical charm of the place, I saw foreigners inside to take photos, sightseeing, if you have enough time, here is a good place to go.


Third stop: Naval Museum. (Admission 50) It's a short walk from the trestle to the Naval Museum, too close. I have to say that the ship in the Naval Museum is really high, look at the picture, you will find that the stairs on the ship are really high!! I'm scared of heights.


Fourth stop: Underwater world. (Ticket adults 130, students 65.) From the trestle bridge to the underwater world can choose to take the bus, (I took 321, of course, is not limited to which bus, because you will find that the map is in a line, where the bus is very convenient.) (It's a short walk from the Naval Museum to Underwater World.) Take the bus to "Lu Xun Park" get off, the business hours of the underwater world is 9 am but 5 PM, so if the time is convenient, you can choose to go to Lu Xun Park to see, after all, they are together. (Lu Xun Park is not big, I only walked for 20 minutes). Start mapping!!


Fifth stop: The Catholic Church (St. Michael's Church). This is a very beautiful place, take 228 or 231 to the "Stomatology Hospital stop". Here, you can see a lot of married people, which has become a local landscape. All I feel is sweet. Taking photos here is a very good option!


Sixth stop: Eight. The reason why it is called eight, because it is composed of eight roads, there are villa areas of various styles of architecture, famous scenic spots Princess building, flowers, etc., if you like to see the historical architectural style, take photos of the students, here must go.


7th stop: May 4th Square. May 4th movement, May 4th wind, it is a good choice to go here after dinner, local people will run here, and talented people will sing here. (Suitable for afternoon, evening)


Eighth station: Wood chopping yard. Food street I only went to the wood chopping yard, personal feeling good, here a lot of food, worry where to eat seafood people can buy here. (Suitable for afternoon, evening)


Finally, I did not recommend where to go on the first day and the second day, because I think everyone's choice is different, so only listed these short-term travel routes, you can choose by yourself, in addition, do not worry about the bus problem, because in addition to the current software development, the bus is still very convenient. These are my travel experiences, I hope to help you. Have a good time!