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A tour of the mountain in October

2018-04-06 12:48:14

October 1, the National Day holiday, the mountain tour essential guide 1, the holiday period, the highway fee is free 2, the mountain scenic spot ticket is the highest time in the year, the full price of 168 yuan, (student card half price 84 yuan), sightseeing car 50 yuan, insurance 5 yuan. The cost of the sightseeing bus and the ticket are together, whether you do it or not is to buy, and the insurance cost is voluntary purchase. 3, the mountain weather in October is changeable, clothes long sleeves plus coat, prepare a down jacket 4, the mountain play time, two to three days is appropriate (personal opinion, for reference), the major set, this season basically can not go up, there is snow, the mountain road is not good. 5, especially to recommend is the mountain water, drink up, soft, there is a mushroom, fried to eat the taste is very good. 6, accommodation, generally around 200 yuan a night.