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Analyze disk data loss factors

2018-04-08 01:36:30

Modern people's work and life have been inseparable from the computer, the data saved in a hard disk may be the user years, or even ten years to retain the record, it may be some of the most valuable work data. Therefore, when the hard disk cannot work properly and the data loss is called a data disaster, the disaster is man-made and non-human, there is force majeure and avoidable. Here, let's analyze the factors that cause hard disk damage and how to avoid such a situation as much as possible. Hard disk purchase need to know the data warehouse, hard disk has a price, data is priceless We know that each brand, different products in the market promotion degree is not the same, in the channel construction on the perfection of the degree is also different. In the DIY hard disk market, the best channel construction is undoubtedly Seagate, the leader of the hard disk industry, his warranty point has been almost all over the first and second tier cities, and extended to the third and fourth tier cities, which is an advantage that other businesses can not compare. There are not many hard disk brands, but the performance characteristics are also different, such as Western Data, which has excellent reputation and stable performance in DIYer; Like the acquisition of the original hard disk technology leader IBM, and now the performance is also very prominent Hitachi Global, and Seagate's hard disk on the same level. However, it may be difficult to buy the most popular models of these brands in some small cities. When DIYer cannot buy the desired model in the local market, it is a way to buy through relatives and friends in other places, but more friends still buy through online mail order. However, the risk of online shopping is too great for the precision instrument products that are most afraid of vibration. "Violence" believe that everyone has heard, and the structure of the mechanical hard disk is very precise, serious flapping will lead to the mechanical hard disk completely unable to work, and some users even appear after the hard disk hand found that the hard shell has been pressed into a lack of horror. Due to the collision caused by obvious trauma to the hard disk, generally will not be used; But if you have an internal injury that you can't see from the outside, the problem may not show up for a while, and when you have data on it, it can be very serious. When it comes to the king of this year's price/performance ratio, I believe there must be a Hitachi 1T (HDT721010SLA360), which has been maintaining a price difference of nearly 100 yuan with other brands of the same specification products, and is the first choice for many large-capacity hard disk users. However, it is very puzzling that the PCB components of many Hitachi products still use the old formal design, including this popular 1TB product and the more scientific flip design used by the mainstream hard disk. The final result of the PCB formal installation led to the hard disk in the transportation process, the components on the PCB, especially the more fragile inductance of the shell, was crushed, and some netizens reflected that the hard disk could not be used normally. Even if it is purchased in person like the author, it is necessary to check on the spot immediately after payment, and find that there are damaged components, so that the merchant can replace them immediately. Like these objective situations is really difficult to avoid, can not avoid, so without improvement, the user in the case of must buy can only be as the saying goes - "spell character" (see luck). However, always fight character is not the way, there are some human factors or users can judge and avoid, below we continue to look at the causes of hard disk damage and how to avoid the tragedy of data loss. Hard disk needs a comfortable working environment in hard disk installation, due to the cost of the relationship, many low-cost chassis steel plate thickness is getting thinner, and we know that the traditional hard disk is a mechanical structure, the disk works at ultra-high speed, it will inevitably cause hard disk vibration, hard disk installed in these "ultra-thin" chassis inside, it is easy to generate resonance. The result of the internal resonance of the chassis will not only produce annoying noise, but also expand the amplitude, and the possibility of failure will increase with the hard disk working in such an environment. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of chassis should not only consider the low price, or need to pay attention to the quality of the chassis, as far as possible to choose large brands with enough material chassis. Good case design to provide a comfortable working environment for the hard disk Now some friends in order to eliminate the noise made by the hard disk vibration, play a DIY spirit, the hard disk is fixed in the case with a rubber band, such a practice can indeed eliminate the hard disk vibration brought by the case resonance, but it increases the vibration of the hard disk itself. Such an installation is undoubtedly a suicidal behavior for the hard disk. Good heat dissipation environment can ensure the long-term stable work of the hard disk Hard disk power supply can not be careless in terms of heat dissipation, although the heat output of the hard disk is far from the CPU, GPU and other components, but if the overall internal heat dissipation of the chassis is poor, hard disk failure is inevitable. In theory, the appropriate operating temperature of the hard disk is 20° to 50°, and the internal temperature of the chassis is 0° to 60°. If the temperature of a hard disk exceeds the upper limit for a long time, the stability of the hard disk is greatly reduced and the service life of the hard disk is shortened. In particular, some friends like to use the PC 24 hours a day all year round to download the download machine, should pay attention to the hard disk working environment, choose a good air duct or hard disk with a fan active cooling chassis is the means to protect the hard disk. Excellent power supply quality is the fundamental stability of the hard disk in the power supply, now the hard disk working current is very low, and more is working in the standby low-power state, so many people will think that the hard disk power supply requirements are very low, for now 3, 400W power supply, there is no problem. But in fact, this idea is not completely correct, although the mainstream PC hard disk working current and starting current are not high, 12V is generally in the hundreds of Ma to 3 amps, but the hard disk power supply stability requirements are very high, PC power quality is not enough, the first is the hard disk, the obvious symptoms are inexplicable bad and simply hang off. Special attention is that when the hard disk is powered off during normal operation, please do not immediately re-power, such current impact on the hard disk cause fatal damage. Now a lot of hard disk failures are in the power supply, if a friend of the first hard disk failure, in the warranty replacement of a new hard disk still failure, may be the first time to blame a brand of hard disk quality is too bad, but the author here still suggest that first consider the power supply problems, After all, the possibility of continuous failure of a mature product is relatively small.