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Common sense for people with glasses

2018-04-07 14:24:46

In junior high school, there are students wearing glasses in the class, everyone is very curious, slowly to high school, wearing glasses more and more people, you must be wearing glasses in daily life, certainly also encountered a lot of troubles due to wearing glasses, now, we share how to solve these troubles.


Rubber band


Stand (glasses are available)


Dish soap


When running or sweating in the summer, glasses are most likely to slip off the ears, this time, if you are a girl, you can use the kind of small rubber band, yellow or black, tied to the part of the glasses and the ear contact, so that it will not slide down, if it is a boy, you can also use this move oh, rubber band can ask your girlfriend to borrow.


When we talk about how to get boys' glasses if they slide down, we say that we can borrow from girls, of course, there is a better way, that is to buy glasses to buy a bracket, don't put on the glasses, put on the ear, the glasses are not easy to fall down, and this method can be used by both men and women.


Usually when we match glasses, the home will send a bottle of glasses liquid, used to clean the glasses, but a bottle of glasses liquid is used up after a period of time, this time, what should we do? Sure, you can buy another bottle, but it's five dollars a bottle, so what's the best way to save that five dollars? Haha, that is to buy a bottle of dishwashing liquid, a bottle of dishwashing liquid is only three or four dollars, cleaning glasses can be used for a long time.

Matters needing attention

Glasses are easy to break, it is recommended to put it into the glasses box when sleeping every night, do not lazy on the pillow, easy to damage oh.


There are ashes on the glasses, do not wipe them with your hands, you can put them under the faucet, or, with a breath, wipe with a napkin, if the occasion allows, you can use your own comfortable corner of the coat to wipe.


Whether glasses are put on or taken off, you should use two hands to hold the glasses with two legs, otherwise the glasses are easy to damage.