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Good Japanese drama recommended.

2018-04-05 11:12:18

The best Japanese TV show is here. It's super good. Save the drama drought. Take a look at the shows we recommend for you.


Love to the end/Love without end the series was just updated last night, the ratings are high, the series basically every episode can be hot search, in China also won a good reputation. The whole series is only ten episodes, short and concise. Sakura Nise (100 Shi MOE is acted the role of) meets his Mr. Right in Paradise (Ken Sato is acted the role of). Then study hard, and finally admitted to work in a hospital, and then began to pursue in, so seven rose is also considered a "small warrior" by colleagues, seven rose can not influence the "demon king" in? Watch the show to find out. I'm pushing this show.


Awkward shared house play tells the story of the free work Terada Yasi was dumped by the boyfriend living together, so met junior high school classmates and the first time to do each other's Benxing wisdom also. Came into contact with Ash, reacted strangely for some reason, and made a series of demands. She did not refuse him, blindly obedient. And then what happens to the man and the woman is where to go. Just watch the show.


The series follows the love affair between a vanilla-like college student, Risa (Haruka Fukuhara), and a coffee-like domineering president, Hirodo Fukami (Tsutomu Sakurada). The super popular Risa is pursued by many people, but in fact she has no love experience at all, but she yearns for a romantic relationship. Until he met Hirodou, who helped Risa a lot, a series of romantic stories occurred. The house must watch Japanese TV series.