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Haze weather 5 kinds of symptoms of coping methods

2018-04-13 12:48:11

"Cough" is neither a medical term nor an academic concept, without a definition, without its syndrome. This is a word that was occasionally mentioned by foreign scholars more than 20 years ago, and now resonates with Chinese people. It seems that "cough" is not limited to the "imperial city", nor is it only foreigners and outsiders, in this haze raging, all over the dust at the moment, more and more people are suffering from such as cough, sore throat, eye discomfort. Cough: Mild diet can be adjusted without medication The mouth and throat is the first entrance of the respiratory system and the first part to be injured. General mild cough, can not be treated with drugs first, can be adjusted through diet, eat some Yin Shengjin products, such as lily, honey, pear, lotus seeds, tremella tremella, grapes and a variety of fresh vegetables, eat less spicy hot products. White fungus rice porridge, lotus root rice porridge, yam rice porridge, jujube white fungus soup, adding an appropriate amount of sugar or rock sugar, all have a certain dryness and cough. However, if the cough is more than a week, and the attack is more frequent, there are symptoms such as sore throat, hoarse voice, chest pain, it is best to use drugs in time to avoid worsening symptoms. Dry throat itching: Avoid spicy drinking goji berry tea, chrysanthemum for dry throat itching, you can properly contain some throat lozenges, especially containing peppermint ingredients lozenges, can play a cooling role. If you feel that the throat is dry and itchy or inflamed, you should pay attention to drinking more water, eating more dry food, eating less spicy and irritating food, you can also drink some goji berry tea, chrysanthemum tea and other nourishing food, which can play the effect of nourishing the lung and stomach. There is also a first aid method is to add honey to the bitter Ding tea that we drink at ordinary times. Because Kudin can moisten the mouth, and produce a cool feeling, to achieve the analgesic effect, and honey can detoxify pain relief, the Kudin honey water contained in the throat, can play a very good role in moisturizing the throat. The specific method is to wrap 10 grams of bitter ding tea in a tea cup with gauze and brew it with boiling water. Then set aside for a while, when the water becomes cool, add a tablespoon of honey, stir well and set aside. It is recommended to gargle bitter Ding honey tea for 2 to 3 minutes each time, try to let the tea contact the throat, several times a day, 5 to 7 days for a course of treatment. Nose itchy nose dry: wash nasal rhinitis with warm water with a medical mask experts remind that the haze contains a large number of substances harmful to human health, directly damage the nasal tissue, resulting in a large number of allergic rhinitis people, the harm is very obvious. For ordinary people, when going out in the haze, it is best to wear a medical N95 mask, wash your face and hands in time after returning home, rinse your mouth, and clean your nasal cavity with some normal saline. If you feel the nose is dry and uncomfortable, or the nostrils are itching and not clean, you can use a towel or cotton swab dipped in warm water to wash the nasal cavity, you can also use the steam of boiling water to shush, you can not dig with your fingers, so as not to damage the nasal mucosa and cause inflammation; At the same time, experts also suggest that patients with allergic rhinitis should not use too much blood contractile nasal drops; It is best to carry out self-massage every day, palms together and rub up and down, and rub both sides of the nose after the bilateral thenar muscles of the palms are slightly warm, once in the morning and once in the evening, rub the nose 50 times each time; Because the air quality is the worst in the morning and evening, we should pay attention to morning and evening care, use cold water to rinse the nasal cavity in the morning, and hot water to soak the feet before going to bed for 20 minutes. If the nose is only dry, there is no bleeding symptoms, you can eat more lotus root, white grass root, persimmon and other fruits and vegetables cool blood moisten dryness; When there is no inflammation, you can apply cod liver oil. The point of the nose is Yingxiang (both sides of the nose), through the local massage of this point, you can promote blood circulation. In addition, you can also put a humidifier, which can play a moisturizing role on the skin of the whole body. Dry eyes Dry eyes flow tears: eat citrus fruits do not rub the eyes Polluted air will stimulate the eyes, make people feel uncomfortable, can seriously cause conjunctivitis, keratitis and other 'pollution' eye disease, more obvious impact on sensitive people. When the eyes are dry, you can eat more fruits, especially citrus fruits, but also eat more green vegetables, cereals, fish and eggs. In addition, drinking more water is also helpful to reduce dry eyes. Drinking more wolfberry chrysanthemum tea can also improve the eyes and prevent eye disease. Ingredients: Wolfberry 10g, chrysanthemum 10g. Method: Feeding with boiling water brewing. How to eat: Drink it as tea and take it regularly. Efficacy: brightening eyesight, preventing eye disease. At the same time, you should also maintain good personal hygiene habits, wash hands frequently, do not rub your eyes with your hands; Do not share towels or personal hygiene products with others, do not touch the patient's used washing utensils, handkerchief and medical equipment used for treatment; Do not share eye medications, eye cosmetics, and other medicines or supplies that may come into contact with the eye. In addition, in the popular period, the public should go to crowded public places as little as possible, public faucets, elevator handrails, doorknobs, utensils, toys, etc., should pay attention to disinfection. Wash your hands after touching the computer keyboard, and avoid rubbing your eyes and face. If accidentally infected with pink eye, do not panic, should be timely medical treatment, according to the doctor's advice to prevent eye complications. Skin allergies: Keep the skin clean away from polluted air Haze weather air contains a large number of pollution particles and microorganisms, these substances cling to the skin, resulting in the skin's metabolic cycle is affected, will make the problem of blackheads, enlarged pores more obvious. In particular, dermatitis, eczema, herpes, impetigo, folliculitis, acne and other skin diseases that are prone to infection are more likely to worsen the condition in this air. The negative ion vitamin C machine that can generate negative air ions is a good choice for people to effectively purify the air. Eat more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, kelp, cabbage, to ensure the intake of vitamins, haze also has a good preventive effect. If you want to avoid the harm of gray haze days on the skin, the first is to do a good job of protection, go out with a little sunscreen isolation cream, so that the skin is isolated from harmful substances in the atmosphere, try not to contact the dust directly, in order to avoid the deterioration of the pathogen infection of allergens, followed by deep cleaning, facial cleanser and mud mask are good choices to keep the skin clean and hygienic. Strengthening the resistance of the skin is also an effective basic countermeasure, such as adequate sleep, adequate and balanced diet, emotional harmony, away from polluted environment and allergens, reduce skin irritation and so on. Mild sensitivities, if handled appropriately, will recover quickly, and severe ones will require prompt medical attention. Also, don't take drugs without authorization. Without a dermatologist diagnosis, do not go to the medicine to buy adrenal corticosteroid ointment to use, which is harmful to the skin. Because it is effective in suppressing inflammation, but long-term use will cause side effects and harm health.