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How does 3G mobile TD do business through KPI assessment?

2018-04-13 09:36:04

The KPI assessment of 3G mobile TD directly affects the income of employees and directly affects the promotion of employees, which is the lifeblood of employees, of course, they will try their best, and the more they go to the grass-roots level, the greater the desperate effort, because the most grass-roots employees can only rely on their own to complete the task, and can not issue the task layer by layer. Moreover, the KPI pressure of grass-roots employees is much higher than the target set, for example, the target is to grow by 4%, the provinces must exceed 4%, and the cities must exceed the provincial growth rate... At last, it will be difficult to rise to the top. What to do? KPI assessment is so important, you can buy Ante into 3G card holder, which is a device with hundreds of card slots, you can directly insert the uncut SIM card one by one, and then automatically call each other, send text messages to each other, but also order business... Can be described as a tool to achieve KPI. Click the "Modify String Code" icon button in the menu of the main interface, as shown in the following figure: Click the "String code management" button, and the following interface will pop up: Click the "Import" button, and the following interface will pop up: The software provides five types of string code import or generation modes, and users can choose different ways to obtain string codes according to different coding requirements. The first four import modes are imported through text files (TXT files), and different text files are constructed according to different modes, and the last one is based on the initial automatic generation mode. The first kind of "import string code file" : that is, a string code per line, and then press the next line of string code, such as: 362698457123304 The second kind of "import string code + file" : a string code plus sign per line, separated by a comma in the middle. 362698457123304136974621626845123, 685133597545, the third "import string code + card identification number (CCID) file" : each row of a string of code plus the card identification number (CCID), separated by commas half Angle such as: 362698457123685898 600 E0011040224487 fourth "import list of code number + + user identification number (IMSI) + card identification number (CCID) file" : each row of a string of code plus plus user identification number and the card identification number, separated by commas half Angle such as: 362698457123304136974621460200422758898 600 E0011040224487, 5 kinds of "no." according to initial automatically generated string: the pop-up interface as follows: click generate the warehousing, the system will automatically according to the starting date and the number of generated automatically generate the corresponding number. Note: This function is mainly set for users to learn test writing operations, users really do business, please select the first four modes, import the real existence of the string number, so as not to do the business is not recognized by the mobile. Click the "Match new string number" button, and the following interface will pop up: The software provides 6 string code matching methods, and there are different matching methods according to different requirements. The pattern serial number is indicated with the Arabic numeral 123456 below. If the previous part of the import string code has been imported (the first type) or automatically generated (the fifth type) string code, when matching the string code here, select the first type of "directly extract unused string code from the library", the software will automatically assign the string code to each port of the device. The vast majority of users are in this mode. If the previous is imported string code plus sign (second) mode, select the sixth "matching string code from the library according to the number", this mode must be obtained by software before the machine, in order to obtain the corresponding string code according to the number. In the third mode of "Import string code + number from external file", you can skip the import operation in the first step, import the string number + number here, write the code operation, and insert the card into the device according to the string number. The second type of "directly import string codes from external files" can also omit the import operation of the first step, and the fourth and fifth modes of direct code writing are applicable to the operation of the IMSI number and CCID number matching string codes of the card in the last month. Click the "Start to write" button, the following interface will pop up: After the software pops up the above prompt information, there are different operations according to the different types of devices in the user's hands: If it is a fully automatic code modification device, that is, a device without a code switch, directly click the "OK" button. If it is a device with a code switch, this time it is necessary to manually adjust the device to the code writing state. The specific adjustment method is: the power switch of the control device (the general market equipment is divided into two types: 1 is only a total power switch, 2 is in addition to the total power switch there is a USB power switch, as long as the USB power switch can be switched off, do not turn off the total power switch) off, and then the write switch to the opposite direction, and then the power switch on, at this time the device each board indicator is not bright, finally click the software "OK" button, The code writing operation begins. After the device is successfully written, turn off the power switch again, turn the code write switch to the reverse direction, and turn on the power switch again. After the code writing starts, the screen is as follows: After the code writing is complete, the screen is as follows: The above is the code writing process! Those who do not understand can check the official website of "Antech"