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How to arrange a day trip to the mountain?

2018-04-06 09:36:45

The mountain is one of the four major Buddhists in China and is a famous summer resort in China! Every year, there are many tourists to the mountain travel, the mountain one-day tour can enjoy the beauty of the mountain temple group scenic spot, is the preferred route of tourism!


Ticket: Mountain scenic spot first road ticket (including scenic spot small transportation fee and temple group small ticket);


Car: -- mountain round trip air-conditioned coach;


Dining: Without meals, guests can freely taste local specialties, or order meals with the guide in advance;


Tour guide: Excellent tour guide service + explanation;


Insurance: Travel agency liability insurance, complimentary travel accident insurance (1 day in advance to inform our tourist list and ID card).


Morning itinerary: 7:00 am Huayuan Hotel, BUS to [mountain] (journey time is about 3.5 hours), after arriving, the first of the Tibetan temple is the small Potala Palace, known as ---- Bodhisattva top (tour time 50 minutes), the appearance of the mountain landmark building ---- big.


Afternoon itinerary: After lunch, visit ---- Wuye Temple (tour time is about 30 minutes), Manjusri Ancestral Court ---- Shishu Temple (tour time is 40 minutes) and Guanghua Temple (tour time is 40 minutes), one of the four living Buddhas in the history of Chinese Buddhism, the practice place of Jia Living Buddha. After returning, on the way to visit [vinegar Garden], after the arrival of the group, the end of the happy trip!

Matters needing attention

Mountain UV is strong, please bring sunscreen, sunshade tools!


Mountain time there is topographic rain, please take good rain gear before departure!


Mountain two-day tour itinerary are staying on the mountain at night, conditions are limited, some hotels only supply timed hot water!


The average altitude of the mountain is about 2000 meters, the local temperature is lower than the mountain, and sometimes only 10 degrees in the summer night, please take a thick coat before leaving, so as not to be infected with wind cold!