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How to become a drinking APP boutique agent?

2018-04-15 06:24:03

Drink APP is recruiting boutique agents, I find customers you distribution, up to a one-time share of 70%



The Drink Me APP client has been installed (red icon)


Install the drink? APP distribution terminal. Open the Drinking APP client, click "My", click "Download the drinking app" button, enter the drinking app download interface, click "download and install" button, after successful download, click install.


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Store the goods. In the initial interface, click the "small rectangle" icon in the upper left corner and click "Inventory management"; Click "Purchase Market", click "+" in the product you want to purchase, increase the quantity of purchased products, click "Submit order"; Leave the APP distribution terminal and enter the client terminal.


In the Drink Me APP client, click the "My" button, click the "shopping cart" icon, click "Go to settlement", click "Submit order", select the payment method, after the payment is successful, click to view the order, and wait for the backstage delivery of Drink me.


Distribute the product. After the customer places the order, select the delivery agent, click "I have picked up the goods", click "Confirm submission", continue to communicate with the customer through text, voice, video, etc., and deliver the wine to the customer.


After the wine is delivered, get the delivery code from the customer, open the delivery terminal of the Drink me APP, click "Confirm delivery" and enter the delivery code. Delivery is complete.