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How to choose nail polish

2018-04-13 00:00:18

Nail art has become an important part of the daily dress of girls, but you know what, in fact, the quality of nail polish will directly affect the quality of your nail art oh, today to share with you some tips to choose nail polish, let you become a real nail art master!


This information comes from experience


2, the purchase of nail grease brush out to see, along the brush and down the nail polish is smooth in the shape of drops down, if the flow is slow on behalf of this bottle of nail polish is too thick will not be easy to wipe.


3, when the brush comes out, press the mouth of the bottle left and right to test the elasticity of the bristles.


4. Try to choose nail polish with slender bristles, which will be easier to smooth (compare the bristles of different brands of nail polish).


5, when the brush is covered with nail polish, the brush is best to maintain a slender shape, some will therefore become very thick, a very important point is a good nail polish painted on the hand, the color will be relatively full.


Quality judgment: 1, the quality of nail polish is good or bad, depending on whether it has the following properties: 2, has the appropriate drying speed, and can be hardened. 3, has the viscosity of easy to paint on the nail. 4, the place can form a uniform coating film. 5, the face out is more uniform