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How to get to Zelda Flying Training Ground

2018-04-07 04:48:57

How to get to Zelda Flying Training Ground? Many players do not understand this very well, today Xiaobian will bring you the location of Zelda flight training ground, interested players, take a look!


Zelda Ver.1.5.0


First of all, put a piece of iron in the hole, so that the ball is slightly laid, the side of the hole into a little hole but not into the hole and then you can go up on the platform that can be raised, at the same time, let another piece of iron also go up, so that you can get the box on top, and then suck up the first piece of iron, and then the ball can fall into the hole by itself, and you can go up.


Then, follow the map directions to the Elder of the Bird and start the next stage of the story. Go and talk to the wife of the bird in the village, next door, she will tell you that her husband is at the flight training ground northwest of the village.


Then, follow the map directions to the flying range and find the Birdman Warrior [Temba/テバ], a white eagle. He was asked by Temba to prove his ability to hit five targets in the air while riding the updraft in the flight training field. At the flight training ground, even if the endurance of the air archery is exhausted, the stamina will be restored when the paraglider is opened again, so do not panic, just aim carefully.


Then, after proving yourself to Temba, he'll give you 20 rounds of explosive projectiles to use against the Wind beast. Then you're ready to take on the beast of the wind. Need to prepare cold measures and reply products: cold measures, before the village bought down jacket; In the flight training ground can do cooking, medicine.


Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to the laser emitted by the wind God beast, and keep moving to basically avoid. If you are forced too tight, you can temporarily fold the paraglider, fall a distance away from the laser, and then open the paraglider to continue the pursuit.