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How to improvise on jazz piano

2018-04-06 16:00:40

Teach you how to improvise on jazz piano






Jazz piano has two meanings: one refers to the musical genre evolved from jazz music, played with piano, called jazz piano; Second, jazz piano is a special performance grade piano for professional musicians to play jazz music. It is characterized by heavy hand feel and rich and full bass. The treble is transparent, the midrange is soft and natural, and requires a strong stereo sound. Used more for professional recording studios. Getting started: Jazz chords are the foundation for learning jazz piano. The chords used in Western art music are reflected in jazz piano, such as big, small, increase, decrease, sixth, seventh and so on. Learning how to have a "rocking rhythm" is also an important skill. The next step is to learn improvisation; This requires extreme skill, and the player needs to know the piano by heart.