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How to spend the leisure time of book shortage and drama shortage

2018-04-05 22:24:51

There are some friends around who are addicted to fiction including me. There often comes a time when you've picked through a variety of novels and find that there's nothing left to read. After reading the recommendation of others, there is no novel that you have no heart after the classic? In summary, various reasons caused the so-called "book shortage", Xiaobian sorted out the following programs!


Revisit the classics. Take a look at a classic and unforgettable book that you have read before and read it again. Although you have read it again, you will have a different feeling.


Go to the post you or forum to see push, find yourself may be interested in the book list to see, write down the title, go to their own habits of the website to read, if you do not like, can abandon the text, and then find. During the period may encounter a variety of small white dog blood drama, more will be fried will feel that the previous several articles are very good, it can be said that there is no comparison is no harm ah.


Turn to TV dramas, in fact, TV dramas are more specific than novels, and finding the hottest rated ones can also help you spend your leisure time.


Go out, change the environment, breathe fresh air, you will find that the world outside the network is also very beautiful. Love novels, in a sense is also an escape from reality, you are the protagonist in the novel, you can imagine anything. You have to face reality eventually. Fiction is fiction. See more of the world outside the door, and use the energy and time of reading the article to feel the nature.


Make some new friends, expand the circle of friends, and communicate with others more, you will find that in addition to the love of fiction, in fact, you also have a lot of hobbies and strengths, but before you feel that no one to accompany you or have no time.


If you are on vacation, you can take a trip on demand. Maybe travel will meet your mr.right! Will make all the fictional hero images in your head instantly clear, go create your own romance novel.