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Indoor children's park service details

2018-04-04 17:36:17

Since the implementation of the two-child policy, China's children's paradise industry has fallen into a hot atmosphere, a variety of capital continues to pour into the children's paradise industry, but also intensified the competition in the industry, how to manage the indoor children's paradise, the author believes that thinking and action is the best partner, but in the process of operation, There are many indoor children's paradise enterprises often only pay attention to the problem of employee execution, while ignoring the thinking shackles that affect the development of enterprises. If you want to do a good job in indoor children's paradise, you must have change thinking and transposition thinking.


1, free WiFi and charging socket is the most commonly used tools in our lives, in the parents' rest area to install charging socket and free WiFi, so that parents in the care and wait for children, but also to the computer and other portable electronic products charge, so that some busy parents in accompany children to play at the same time, taking into account work, online business or play.


2, set up a parents' leisure area, rest area in the indoor children's playground is very necessary, conditions allow you to set up a leisure area, and be sure to let the rest area, leisure area is facing the children's play area, so that parents can rest comfortably at the same time, but also let the child at any time in the sight of the parents, easy to care.


3, regular organization of activities to increase stickiness Through observation, when children play in the indoor children's playground, one of the most common behaviors of parents is to take photos, they are very happy to record the growth of children. By organizing activities, you can make the customer stickiness stronger, but also provide parents with a better platform or environment to record their children's growth.


4, add some video game consoles now indoor children's park, more in order to meet the children's play needs, but we know that to go to the park consumption, generally parents with children, only to keep children is not enough, to keep parents more important. At present, the boundary between the game city and the indoor children's park has gradually faded, the future development trend of the indoor children's park must be family entertainment, and the addition of some video game consoles in the indoor children's park, so as to "retain" parents, it is possible to try.


5, more parent-child interactive amusement facilities to increase some parents and children can participate in the amusement facilities, so that parents are no longer boring waiting, but can participate in it, but also conducive to the cultivation of parent-child relationship.


6. Regular disinfection, cleaning and security inspection are the core. Let parents bring their children to consume, safety measures must be done. The amusement equipment in the indoor children's park is cleaned and disinfected regularly to ensure that the equipment that children contact is clean and hygienic, so that children can play with confidence; Less rectangular design and more arcs in the site; Regular safety checks should be carried out on the entire children's play facilities to prevent safety accidents caused by leakage and loosening of equipment.


7. In the Internet era, promotion is a very important part of business activities. How to let more customers know about us and come to experience, different industry alliance promotion is a good way, such as customers who buy children's clothing in children's clothing, gift children's paradise free experience coupons (or discount coupons), customers who spend in indoor children's paradise, gift children's catering discount coupons and so on. "Cooperation", "sharing" and "win-win" are the main themes of the cause, and the era of going it alone is long gone.


8. The cabinet for placing things is at the entrance of the indoor children's park. Shoe cabinets and lockers can be set up to facilitate the placement of shoes and items of parents and children, and to keep the interior of the park clean and sanitary and orderly placement of items.


9, Create a professional service team Service industry, of course, need a professional service team. Indoor children's park should hire some young women who have experience with children, such as kindergarten teachers, tutors or young mothers, and gradually build a professional service team through the competition of survival of the fittest. Reasonable collocation of thinking and action can bring a steady flow of development power to indoor children's paradise enterprises, of course, there are many factors affecting the development of enterprises and it is very complex, but I believe that as long as the above factors are implemented, I believe that the enterprise will get a good development opportunity.