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Knowledge of mahogany furniture maintenance

2018-04-14 06:24:19

Mahogany furniture is expensive things, we must do a good job of maintenance


First, fire and dry prevention. Mahogany furniture is expensive things, so it is far away from the fire or high temperature objects, mahogany even if it is precious wood, its essence is still wood, it is also afraid of fire, in the case of high temperature will dry, time to reach a degree of wood will melt, so it is not worth it.


Second, can not put the mahogany furniture in the sun. Put the wood in the sun for a long time, it will make the wood brittle, and it will crack for a long time, so when placing the mahogany furniture, it will be placed in the place where the sun can not shine through the window.


Third, avoid water and moisture, can not be wiped with a wet cloth or washed directly with water. Wood will expand after encountering water vapor, the wood becomes sour and soft, and it is easy to rot if the time is long, so the mahogany furniture should be placed in a dry place without sunlight, and it can not be washed directly with a large moisture method and water.


Fourth, prevent moth and mice. This goes without saying, these two for wooden furniture is the enemy, direct destruction of furniture, mahogany furniture so expensive furniture, should try to avoid such a situation.


Fifth, do not put heavy objects on the surface of mahogany furniture. In this way, it is easy to deform the furniture over a long period of time, and the damage to the mahogany furniture is huge.


The information illegally crawled from experience


Seven, can not use alkali, alcohol and other chemicals to wipe the mahogany furniture. The corrosion of wood fibers by chemicals is obvious.