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Let Tang Yan Wang Kaili Yang Mi scream fashionable collocation will have your style!

2018-04-07 00:00:27

When it comes to what can best show the diversity of the dress, the T-shirt is your No. 2 choice. Can the sunshine be sweet, can the royal sister can be gentle, relaxed and changeable fashion who does not love it? ▼ T-shirt + half skirt has long become a popular collocation for fashionable bloggers out of the street in spring and summer, and the semi-transparent skirt with an elegant label seems to have a little more free and easy taste after matching T-shirts


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Pay attention to the big fashion V


T-shirt + denim half skirt is the most practical wear everything, is the supermodel also obsessed with the collocation. Remember to tuck the T-shirt into the half skirt so that it is fresh and highlights the waist line


There are also quite a lot of female stars who fall in love with T-shirts + half skirts, and Dami and Yuan Shanshan have chosen a black T-shirt with a personalized denim skirt, which is of high reference


Stepping on a pair of hot platform daddy shoes is own cool, stylish and not tiring ▼ want to wear a personal dress, not well dressed is particularly key. You can add a strap element to your waist to instantly get rid of the sense of passers-by


Black and white too boring? Break the boredom with a color T-shirt, striped skirt and color T form a refreshing CP, and heel shoes will make you even taller and more attractive ▼


Reba uses a solid color T-shirt to neutralize the sweet and oily feeling of large-area printing, which is a good interpretation of the casual mix and match style of gorgeous feeling


The overall red and blue tone has shaped an elegant and dynamic fashionable dress, and the clean and refreshing colors echo almost perfect ~▼ Just look at a little "out of line" half skirt in the T-shirt, but also become approachable a lot, the youth color beauty is just right ▼


Relative to women's single shoes, sports canvas shoes are a model for daily wear. Coupled with striped mid-tube socks, it adds some energetic sports elements. Commuting flats make people feel good, which is not too serious and can be slightly sexy, and is a good choice for travel


Like this, the back slit "careful machine" half skirt implicitly exposes the skin, inadvertently showing a leg ▼ T-shirt with a super compact waist cover or belt is also wise, highlighting the waist and trend. Put on a small suit, you can wear directly to work rhythm ▼

Matters needing attention

Girls who feel that the leg shape is not good or the thigh is fat can also use a MIDI skirt to cover up their shortcomings


Color matching should be agreed, not too fussy