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Misue Ice City poi oat milk calories

2018-04-05 09:36:19

Poi oat milk is probably between 100 and 300 calories. Female customers will pay attention to the heat of Misue Ice tea, and the heat of each product is not the same. Some are higher in calories, some are lower in calories, depending on the amount of sugar added. Share the caloric index of several products here. The strawberry shake has about 189 calories, the cheese milk covered green tea has about 275 calories, the oatmeal milk tea has about 246 calories, and so on. The general heat of milk tea is about 100-300 calories, which is also determined by the sweetness. If you want to drink some low-calorie drinks, the sugar content of lemon tea and fresh fruit tea will also be lower. If you still like to drink milk tea, choose three points of sugar or no sugar, which can reduce the intake of calories. In 1997, Zhang Hongchao, the founder of Misue Ice City, opened the road to entrepreneurship. In 1998, Zhang Hongchao studied in the School of Finance and Economics (now the University of Economics and Law), in order to reduce the burden on his family, he rented a small window to open a "cold current shaved ice" cold drink, specializing in all kinds of cold drinks such as shaved ice, which is the predecessor of the snow Ice City. In 2000, the brand name "Misue Ice City" was officially launched. In 2003, in the early days of entrepreneurship, Zhang Hongchao experienced six relocations, and his business gradually improved. In 2006, Misue Ice City Fresh ice cream was born. In 2007, Misue Ice City fresh ice cream opened, the same year, Misue Ice City to join the business. In 2008, with the increasing number of franchisees, Misue Ice City Trading Co., Ltd. was established, designed enterprise VI, and officially unified the door image of all franchisees.