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National Day Yandang Mountain three-day trip

2018-04-05 08:00:48

After clearly will Yandang Mountain as a golden week tourism destination, at first want to save trouble to participate in a travel agency team tour, but search all the major travel agency websites, Yandang Mountain travel are by bus, need to 6:30 in the morning to the designated place by car, while three days of tour without exception, the third day afternoon to a place for shopping, but had to choose a self-help tour. In desperation, had to find a lot of other people's travel notes from the major tourism websites, the guide to prepare for Yandang Mountain three-day self-help tour, but practice has proved that because many of these guides are not during the long holiday, the reference information provided and the actual situation during the Golden Week there is a big difference, especially the travel time and the cost of the travel place. Resulting in the actual travel itinerary and plan formation of a large deviation.


From Yandang Mountain to take the bullet train can direct, take 4 hours, ticket price 164 yuan, through the booking is very convenient to buy a good round trip ticket, the booking system is also there are problems, known as 10 days in advance can book the bullet train tickets, in fact, the return ticket is booked 6 days in advance, before the estimated is not opened, but the voice prompt has been saying that tickets are sold out, speechless. The new station in Yandang Mountain is built on the sea, very atmospheric, and you can also look at the sea view when the station is bored.


We took the D378 train from the South station at 8 o 'clock in the morning, at 12:00 at Yandang Mountain railway station, a station, every see the bus said on the guide, and the stopped taxi heard that to ring bell village, all said that there are more people traffic jams, do not want to go, after a while and two other people carpool to ring bell village, 25 yuan/person, The driver charged a total of 100 yuan. Eight miles, two hours of driving. Some people on the road to sell the map of Yandang Mountain, the price is 5 yuan, the counter offer to 3 yuan after buying a, after reading it found that there is no good download from the Internet, the road has no name tag, ring bell village road is not, so with a map, can only look at the distribution of scenic spots, how to travel specifically, or to ask the local people.


Stay: Three weeks in advance began to order wine, the beginning is also very carefully in the online search for wine information, carefully read the customer reviews of each wine, want to order a better wine, but not easy to choose 5 users to comment on the better wine, the result of each call to the past said there is no room, had to find a middleman from the Internet ordered a called "youth holiday hotel" wine, In the middle is also out of some small waves, on October 1, when the wine was confirmed, the wine actually said that it was not booked, and there was a mistake in the middle of the confirmation process until 12 o 'clock in the evening, and the middleman and the brigade repeatedly booked the room. The location of this tour is good. It is 5 minutes' walk from Sanfolding Waterfall, 15 minutes' walk from Forest Park and 15 minutes' walk from Lingfeng Scenic Spot. The facilities inside the wine are general, breakfast begins to serve at 6 o 'clock, free, not much variety, but you can eat. The more magical point is that the bathroom inside the room is actually transparent glass partition (including the shower room) and no curtains. This wine during the National Day or there are some empty rooms, if everyone golden week self-help to Yandang Mountain travel did not travel to live, you can try this trip (ring bell village Xueshi Road 16), generally there will be a room. The price is more expensive during the National Day, about 400 yuan/day.


Travel: Because it was later than the expected time, so the first day afternoon did not go to the three fold waterfall, after lunch at three o 'clock directly went to Lingfeng scenic spot, saw the day scene after sitting in the scenic spot until 7 o 'clock in the evening, a tour group, saw the night scene, when the scenic spot made up the night scene tickets, returned to the hotel after dinner, just sat down and heard the rain began outside, Heart secretly glad: tomorrow waterfall has water to see. Get up at 6 o 'clock the next morning, after breakfast in the travel by taxi at 7 o 'clock to the big dragon Qiu scenic spot, have seen the big dragon waterfall after 8:30 out, 9 o 'clock to the square hole to take the cable car up, 10 o 'clock to take the cable car down (cable car only sells round trip tickets, the price is 120 yuan, far more than the netizen said 15 yuan), to Lingyan (small dragon Qiu) scenic spot to visit a circle, 12:30 out, after a good meal can not go back to the brigade, rest to 3 o 'clock to go to the triple fold waterfall, to the middle fold waterfall spent a total of 15 minutes, the result LP said to go to the fold waterfall, climbed 1 hour to see no water on the fold waterfall, and spent an hour climbing down the mountain, tired. Back to the hotel to ask the attendant to Xianxi drift how to go, the attendant said that from the ringing head to Xianxi drift seat bus to pour three cars, with two hours, if chartered, the cost of the National Day is very high, and it is easy to traffic jam! After careful consideration, I still gave up going to Xianxi rafting. On the 5th, I slept late, had breakfast and walked around the Forest Park at 9 o 'clock, checked out at 12 o 'clock and had lunch at the Bell Head Walking Street. Two people spent 25 yuan and asked for 50 yuan) called a taxi to the railway station. After arriving at the railway station, I found an electric tricycle to go to the seaside for a circle, ate a meal of seafood at the West Gate Pier, returned to the railway station at 5:15, waited for half an hour, and returned by the 18:00 train.


Eat: See the introduction of Yandang Mountain there are eight dishes, always try one or two when eating, the results were cut blood dripping, the taste is not particularly good, the price is also evil expensive, the restaurant owner also spoke up, during the National Day, the price rise is normal, our side of the purchase price has also risen, you do not look at the menu, the price of the menu is useless, During the National Day, we do not sell according to the menu price, calculate the price during the National Day and the price announced by the online guide, the difference is more than double, to 2 times, it is suggested that the next time these bosses speak to the guests during the golden week righteously: the state stipulates that the golden week overtime 3 times the salary, travel to eat 3 times the price, so that the guests may feel better. In the restaurant of Yandang Mountain, when ordering, be sure to ask the price after the waiter to write the price clearly, otherwise a bowl of noodles can also charge you 80 yuan! On the third day, I went to the West Gate Pier near the railway station (take an electric scooter for half an hour) and ate a meal of seafood, the price and other places to eat seafood can not be said to be cheap, but it was simply too cheap compared with the meal of Ringing Bell village, counting the road fee, it was half cheaper than ringing Bell's meal, two people ordered two crabs, three two white tail shrimp, a fish, two kinds of shellfish seafood, It's only 80 yuan if you're full. The meal is on the beach, watching the sea while eating, feeling very good.

Sum up

1, Yandang Mountain the most famous Lingyan, Lingfeng and big dragon Qiushuan three major scenic spots can be seen for half a day, arrange a day to visit these three scenic spots more than enough, Yandang mountain is more beautiful, many shapes and names are also very image, but there are many shapes even if the guide interpretation also need you to play a great imagination, more far-fetched;


2, Yandang Mountain other scenic spots do not have to buy a ticket to go in to see, the scenery is basically similar, if you want to change the mountain side view, you can climb from the three fold waterfall after buying tickets to visit the forest park, square hole scenic spot, you can save money;


3, Yandang Mountain water is too little, do not know whether the season is wrong, even if it is a night of heavy rain on the night of the 2nd, No. 3 see big dragon Qiu, small dragon Qiu and three fold waterfall when did not see much water, the mountain stream bed of large sections of exposure in the sun, there is no feeling of blue water, compared with the Wuyi Mountain, the lack of Xiushui;


4, Yandang Mountain tourism is extremely chaotic, the road is narrow (two-way single lane, no sidewalks!) During the National Day from 8 o 'clock in the morning to the roads leading to the scenic spots began to be seriously congested, the number of buses is not large and seems to be mostly for private contracting, the vehicles are old, the taxi is also disorderly, there is no meter, the charge is very expensive but the infrastructure is poor;


5, it is recommended to eat in the scenic spot to order some fried powder dry, the taste is also ok, the price is 10-20 yuan, the price is clear, the order price is not reliable, if you eat seafood, or a special time to the station near the West Gate pier is better, cheap, variety, fresh.


6, if you must go to Yandang Mountain in the golden week, you must not go in the first half of the week, too many people!