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Old house toilet renovation: How to do toilet leakage?

2018-04-05 06:24:53

Bathroom is a more important piece of home improvement, for the quality of life is a great impact, once the water leakage situation not only affects their own living, but also may affect others.

How to solve toilet seepage?

To determine the cause of water leakage, first of all, it is necessary to determine whether there is a problem with waterproof or water. We have to carry out the closed water experiment: when the water is closed, the water in the bathroom is 3 cm high, after a period of time, the water is not reduced, and everything is normal downstairs, then it can be shown that there is no problem with the waterproof layer, the source of the problem may be water; On the contrary, if the water level drops, it may be a problem with the waterproof layer.


How to solve the problem of waterproof layer leakage, first of all, we must lift the floor tile at the seepage place and find the waterproof layer. After cleaning up the waterproof layer, you can use the sealing strip to seal it, after sealing, and then coated with waterproof paint, remember to brush several times, after the waterproof is done, you can re-pave the floor tile.


How to solve water leakage if it is water leakage, first chisel the tile and waterproof layer, check the location of the water leakage, find the water leakage joint. After the joint is confirmed, we need to re-dock. Before docking, we can wrap some more raw material belts at the interface. After docking, we can use cement mortar to smooth the ground and finally lay the floor tile.

Cause of water seepage in toilet

Many families have water seepage, is the problem in the floor tile gap, tile gap is not strict, after long-term use will also seep water. Because the tile gap is below the sewer, do not think that everything can be done waterproof, this small gap will also cause water leakage.


As we all know, the joint of the toilet is underground, and the water seepage may occur at the moment of water release, and the water slowly extends to the inside of the wall through the cement mortar layer, which is sometimes one of the reasons why the wall of the kicking line will be moldy.


There is a gap between the floor drain and the sewage, the water stains on the bathroom floor are discharged through the floor drain, but sometimes, many people are particularly random when decorating the bathroom, the interface of the floor drain and the sewage is not allowed, and it is not matched, resulting in a poor connection of water. If used in this way for a long time, it will lead to water seepage.