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Provincial tourism strategy: [2] Mountain route

2018-04-06 14:24:12

Accompanied by famous rivers on this route, there is the famous North Mountain, as well as the Buddhist Mountain, the magical mountain, the place where the Yellow River and the Great Wall shake hands - Lao Niu Bay. It is a beautiful scenery on the way, a cultural scene on the way.


Tourist equipment


The specific route, from the 203 provincial road can reach Beiyue, continue along the 203 provincial road can reach Pingxingguan, but the road condition is poor. From Pingxing Pass through the county Shahe town can reach the mountain. From mountain county, Yuanping city can be reached, the road condition is also poor. State Route 215 is in good condition. To the whole high-speed, the mileage of about 120 kilometers.


One of the attractions, Pingxingguan, a pass on the Inner Great Wall, is famous for the stunning victory of Pingxingguan during the Anti-Japanese War, located in the southwest of the county. At one of the points, Pingxing Pass, here is a pass of the Inner Great Wall, printed in


The second scenic spot, the county, the territory of countless streams and waterfalls, see endless stone show wood, elegant primitive forest, full of historical vicissitudes of cultural relics and monuments, so that it is like a world away.


The third scenic spot, Luya Mountain, located at the junction of three counties, is the main peak of Cengshan, this nature reserve is the hometown of rare birds brown pheasant. There are Golden Dragon Pool, five dragon Cave and other landscapes.


The fourth scenic spot, the ice cave, is located in the county 50 kilometers, the sun side of Luya Mountain is the volcano, the dark side is the ice cave palace. It is rare to see two opposing landscapes in the same mountain. There are five layers of freezing, the second of which is the most spectacular,


The ancient trestle Road remains more than 40 kilometers long on the cliffs of Xiang Cliff in the depths of Cengshan Mountain, and its purpose is still a mystery. At the point of five, ancient trestle road, Longchi, five dragon Cave more mountain main peak, this information, this


The sixth scenic spot, hanging coffin, located on the cliff near the size of Cengshan Township, is the only hanging coffin community in the north, and the surrounding stone walls are like doors.


The seventh scenic spot, Tianchi is located in the southwest of the county, is one of the three mountain Tianchi, is a rare mountain lake group, including Ma Ying Sea, is a summer sightseeing tourist resort.

Matters needing attention

The journey is about 500 kilometers and takes about five days