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Recommended procedures for handling crude oil

2018-04-13 22:24:19

Recommended steps in the current oil exchange to achieve online self-service account opening, the following is the online account opening process.


Login oil exchange online business hall; Select (at present, the North oil online account only supports the construction bank);


Fill in the member number (BZ049), member institution number (3604);


Fill in personal information; (Fill in the asterisk);


Verify bank information; (The above steps can be completed in 2 minutes, to this step, the North Oil exchange system will automatically send the trading account and password to the customer through the form of SMS)


Account opening audit (Waiting for the staff audit, the staff of the member unit will make up your account opening information during the audit. The specific information has the front and back photos of the ID card (the photos need four corners), and the photos of the upper body of the individual).


After the approval, log in the CCB online bank for signing and binding.

Matters needing attention

Fill in the member number (BZ049), member institution number (3604); Make no mistake or you can't open an account.