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Rome free travel guide

2018-04-07 20:48:56

There are many people who do not know where to play in Rome, so today Xiaobian is here to share a little of my experience, hoping to help you.


The Colosseum - Built in 80 AD, the Colosseum is a model of public architecture. Here you can see one of the most basic structures and greatest achievements of ancient Roman architecture: the arch structure


A series of arches, vouchers and well-arranged oval building elements make the building extremely strong. The architecture at that time relied on this high-level structural form to make the internal space possible.


The arena was designed with spacious staircases and corridors, and eighty arches were designed, each with a number at the entrance to allow the audience to quickly find their seats, allowing 50,000 people to enter and sit in the theater within ten minutes.


The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Virgin Mary - From its golden ceiling to its 15th-century mosaics, this majestic church is a world-renowned architectural landmark. Built in the 12th century by the Basilica of the Virgin Mary, it is also one of the oldest buildings in Italy.


St. Peter's Basilica - Built in the fifth century, this cathedral-like building was designed by Michelangelo himself for Pope Julius II, and the towering statue on its facade is the most iconic feature of this building.


Vatican Museums - This museum was once the smallest national museum in the world, and also the greatest.


Pantheon - Built in 27 BC and rebuilt in 120 AD, the Pantheon was praised by Michelangelo as "the design of angels". Since it was dedicated to the Church in 608 as a shrine to the Virgin, it is the best preserved of the original buildings of the Roman era.