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Take you around Slovenia

2018-04-15 11:12:36

This article takes you around Slovenia


Liverpool is a famous city in the north of England, is recognized by the British country as the best tourist city in Britain, was elected as the European Capital of Culture in 2008, every year attracts millions of tourists to the seaside to visit the rebuilt Port Albert, under the arch, cobblestone streets are filled with shopping, galleries, museums, bars and office buildings; Liverpool is an innovative city that has produced many world-renowned artists, performers, comedians and inventors. Liverpool is also the city of sports, Liverpool Football Club, Everton football Club is famous in the world.


The city of Chisinau, Moldova, is one of the most famous grape producing areas in Eastern Europe, and is also a very Russian inland city. Although the city only has a history of more than 500 years, there are not many ancient buildings, but each one is a representative of the classic; In culture and education, it never lagged behind, and was influenced by Lenin and Pushkin. The biggest reason why Chisinau attracts tourists is its long history of wine making, it can be said that not tasting the local wine here is equivalent to never visiting the city.


Viking Ship Museum Oslo (Vikingskipshuset in Norwegian) is a special exhibition of Viking history and one of the most popular treasure houses of Viking culture, mainly displaying Viking ships from the 8th to 10th centuries, and displaying excavated artifacts and pirate life. As part of the Museum of Culture and History of the University of Oslo, the museum with the world's most complete preservation of the two large pirate ships as a valuable collection, is the most powerful evidence of exploration, research history, but also one of the most important reasons for visitors to visit this. At the same time, the mysterious background of pirates has also become the object of people's curiosity.


The City Hall Square is Copenhagen's oldest commercial market and Denmark's most connected transportation network. The square has the 0 km starting point of Copenhagen City, and all distances from Copenhagen are measured from here. There are instrumental music, singing, dancing, acrobatic performances of all kinds of buskers in the square, many vendors in the evening on the square to sell goods to tourists, and people come and go every day.


The Diamond Museum in Amsterdam is a woman's dream world and the most expensive museum in the world. Amsterdam is renowned for its diamond trade, its quality and craftsmanship are quite high. Therefore, in the Diamond Museum, visitors can not only enjoy samples of various types of diamonds, but also learn in detail about the fine processing steps of a diamond. The most eye-catching replicas of the royal crowns of various countries make every visitor feel a strong aristocratic atmosphere. It is an unmissable stop in the Netherlands.


Piazzale Michelangelo is one of the few areas where you can see all the great views of Florence, and the Piazzale is located on the heights at the end of the city's Avenue Gori, like a huge place overlooking Florence.