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Teach you how to choose a wet film humidifier

2018-04-13 14:24:06

Wet film humidifier has the advantages of simple structure, low power consumption, limited humidification, power saving and water saving, and small investment and operating costs; Easy to produce microbial pollution. Widely used, today here to teach you how to choose wet film humidifier


Metal perforated wet film (Note: only occasionally used at present) 1. Poor water absorption 2. Limit wind speed <2.5m/s3. Good fire performance, high mechanical strength 4. Low saturation efficiency, that is, poor humidification performance.


Glass fiber type wet film material (Note: This material was originally used more widely in Europe, but recently began to decrease) 1. Life of 8~10 years (Note: when the air dust degree is high, its life will be greatly reduced) 2. The saturation efficiency is high, that is, the humidification performance is good 3. The water absorption performance is good 4. The limit wind speed is <6m/s5. Resistance to air temperature <149OC6, good fire performance 7, the material itself is brittle, fragile, and glass fiber dust is harmful to the human body, so the recent use is decreasing. The pores are large, the dust in the air can not be removed after drilling into the air, easy to produce mold, polluting the air: in the past, in Europe, the material is used more, but recently the health indicators of various countries continue to improve, the material is prone to elders and glass fiber fragile people's problems are increasingly paid attention to, so the recent use is decreasing.


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Japan wet film (note: this product is rarely seen) 1. Soft material, low mechanical strength, so only a number of small pieces can be assembled 2. Organization of production in Japan, long delivery cycle 3. Maintenance needs special cleaning agent, and to remove the wet film piece by piece into the cleaning liquid cleaning, the process is complex!


Composite wet film material (Note: This material is widely used in the United States, Australia, etc., and is also widely used at present) 1. Life of 8~10 years (Note: the air dust degree is high when the effect is small) 2. High saturation efficiency value, that is, good humidification performance 3. It can be repeatedly cleaned and self-cleaning performance 4. Good dust resistance and anti-mold effect 5. Good water absorption 6. Limit wind speed <4.5m/s7. Air temperature <149OC8. High mechanical strength