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The Three Kingdoms Wind and cloud 2 general training gameplay complete solution

2018-04-05 20:48:45

In the game "Three Kingdoms Wind and Cloud II", players can improve the ability of the general through many ways, improve its level, or improve its equipment, or improve its attributes in one aspect. The training system of the game is very perfect, and players can get a great sense of achievement in the process of training martial arts.


In the game, the player can improve the color of the general, click the icon of the general card, you can put it into the consumption bar on the right side, fill 3 cards to upgrade the color of the general.


The star rating of the general will affect the play of the ability, the higher the star rating, the more obvious the amplification effect of the ability. Increasing the star rating is a must for the player. After obtaining the item, click to use it to take effect.


In The Three Kingdoms II, passive skills are important combat skills that will be triggered at certain moments in the battle, which will have a large impact on both enemy and me. The combination of passive skills can greatly help the player in combat. Passive skills can also increase the level, using the same skill book can increase the cultivation points, after reaching the level conditions, click the button to complete the level.


General Cultivation "Three Kingdoms 2" General training instructions 1. Training is the operation used by the general, which is used to add additional attributes to the general. 2. Players can only cultivate active generals. 3. When cultivating, the player can choose whether to accept the results or not. 1) If accepted, replace the original value with the washed result. 2) If not accepted, retain the original value. 4. After successful culture, the added value will increase in the next culture. When cultivating, you can choose to cultivate the soul. Consume a certain amount of will soul, complete a cultivation. 1. After the player uses the cultivation function, the system must automatically save the cultivation result. 2. Record the results of the last 5 cultures, including this one.


The Three Kingdoms 2 new suit opens today "The Three Kingdoms 2" is a classic story of The Three Kingdoms as the background of the origin of large-scale real-time strategy SLG web game, a very distinctive ink style to build a magnificent game war scene, many powerful generals arrived, with the strategic deployment of arms as the main line, who can be a thousand miles, become the fierce!