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2018-04-06 00:00:58

Located in the long coastline of mainland China, east, across the sea and the Japanese island of Kyushu, south Bay, west and two provinces, together constitute China's largest economic circle "Yangtze River Delta". It has a long history of more than 2,000 years. Spring and autumn for Wu state land, Warring States period for Chu Chun Shen Jun Feng, began to build a city. "Shencheng" is the earliest city in the region. Later, after several changes, the name changed many times, and finally fixed in the vicinity of Sheshan during The Three Kingdoms period, renamed "Huating". Panorama Three day parade Cheng bright point: ancient buildings, new, shopping, cultural wind three days to visit the main attractions, time is still more abundant, by the way to experience the petty bourgeois life. DAY1: Road → Bund → Pearl → Avenue → Temple → Road Culture Street This day mainly enjoy the historical atmosphere, from the old garden to the Republic of China style of the building, and then to the modern atmosphere full of pearl TV tower...... The city's public transportation is very convenient, and there are bus connections between these attractions. It is recommended that you choose some places that you are interested in, use the map, and make a suitable route for yourself! Dining: Snacks can be found all over the city, but it is best to visit the temple for lunch or dinner, where the snacks are sure to satisfy your appetite! Accommodation: There are many accommodation options, you can book a suitable one in advance according to your needs and financial criteria. DAY2: People's Square → River →M50 Creative Park → Museum → Huaihai Road → Xintiandi morning traffic, politics, culture People's Square, visit River Road, M50 Art Park, City Planning Museum, look at the big city style and art district. After lunch, go to the museum for a deep dive into the past and present; After that, go shopping on Huaihai Road and Xintiandi. Dining: Lunch is eaten near the Urban Planning Museum, with a wide selection of Chinese and Western restaurants nearby. Eat dinner at the food court or snack bar between shopping sessions. DAY3: Fudan University → Tongji University → Road Culture Street This day is a cultural trip. In the morning, we will go to Fudan University and Tongji University to see the style of key universities and feel the academic atmosphere in the air. In the afternoon, go to the Road Culture Street, or walk, or sit in meditation, a variety of ways to experience modern art. Dining: Eat in the university canteen at noon, if you have not tried the canteen for many years, I believe it is a good experience. Dinner can be arranged according to the itinerary, eat around the train station and bus station. The cuisine is diverse and almost all cuisines from China and around the world can be found. Local cuisine, also known as seafood dishes, dishes, is famous for cooking fresh, especially fish and shrimp, not fresh, not live, with thick oil brown sauce, bright color, pay attention to original characteristics. Among them, Dexing Hall and Laozheng old rice are the most famous. All kinds of local flavor fast food, snacks, the cost is not high but can enjoy, such as City God Temple, South Road, Yellow River Road, Zhapu Road, Qibao Old Street, etc., are a place of food, absolutely let you have a mouth addiction. Snacks: fried, Nanxiang Xiaolongbao, Crab shell yellow, pork ribs rice cake, bean curd line powder soup, shrimp roe with black ginseng, grass head circle, braised 𫚔 fish, fried eel in hot sauce with eight treasures Chenghuang Temple food street, South Road food street, Huanghe Road food street, Zhapu Road food street, Xianxia Road food street, Wujiang Road food street, Qibao Old Street shopping in you can buy a variety of specialty snacks and crafts, the most representative is the temple spiced beans and pear paste sugar, in the local specialty stores, supermarkets can generally buy. Of course, there are expensive, time-honored bamboo carving and embroidery, which can let you list the style of famous artists and improve their own cultural and artistic quality. Specialty: pear paste sugar, spiced beans, canned anchovies, bamboo carving, embroidery shopping places: Xujiahui, People's Square, Superbrand Square, Wujiaochang, Never Night City, East Road Pedestrian Street, Huaihai Middle Road characteristic Street, South Road, Road, Qipu Road, Dongtai Road Antique Street, Yandang Road leisure Street, Tianzifang accommodation accommodation options are very rich, from four, five star wine or even super five star high-end wine to dozens of yuan youth hotel, everything, tourists can stay according to their own needs. Here, we recommend only a few specialty wines that have good reputation, convenient transportation, reasonable price and suitable for different levels of self-catering travelers. Transportation The city's public transportation, its lines, vehicles, passenger capacity are ranked first. At present, it has formed a super-large-scale comprehensive transportation network composed of five modes of transportation, including water, highway, air and road. Hong Kong is the largest hub port in China, with a total of 47 passenger stations and 1,611 long-distance routes, which can reach 660 places in 14 provinces and cities. The city has formed a vertical urban transportation network composed of ground roads, elevated roads, cross-river tunnels and Bridges as well as subways and elevated rail transit. Aircraft: There are two international airports, namely Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport, the two airports are about 40 kilometers apart. Train: The city has four railway stations, namely: Station (often referred to as "New Railway Station"), South Railway Station, Hongqiao Railway Station and West Railway Station, of which the West Railway Station (formerly known as Zhenru Railway Station) is currently a secondary railway station. Most of the cars between Shanghai-Hangzhou Line and Shanghai-Nanjing Line need to return by the West Station, passenger transport has been suspended, mainly responsible for freight. Ship: Water transportation is very convenient, and it is the only passenger transport in China that combines sea transportation, river transportation and inland river shipping. There are two terminals, namely the Hong Kong International Passenger Terminal and Wusong Passenger Terminal.