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What does it mean that the video bit rate is too high? What if the video cannot be played

2018-04-06 12:48:20

When we watch videos, we often encounter such a prompt: the video bit rate is too high to open, then encounter such a situation, what should we do?


In fact, the real meaning of the bit rate is the total data traffic per second of the video screen, which can be simply understood as "clarity".


The higher the bit rate, the clearer the video picture we see; Conversely, the smaller the bit rate, the blurrier it is. The larger the bit rate of a video, the larger the corresponding volume, and the more demanding the requirements of the computer's playback equipment.


When we encounter a high bit rate video, the most stupid thing is that we copy it to another high configuration computer to watch it.


There is also, if we are relative to these videos for post-editing processing or viewing or low-configuration computer viewing, we need to carry out the corresponding transcoding.


In the video conversion software we can convert to ordinary MPG, AVI format transcoding, if you want to watch, we have to convert to MP4 format.


There is also a re-rendering output in the later software, the output is a low size or low bit rate format, and then back to the software can be used.

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