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What is the abnormal sound of the extrusion machine when 3D printing?

2018-04-14 00:00:15

My machine is 3D printing. Sometimes the extruder makes an unusual noise like a kaka. And then no material or very little material. Causing the stuff to be spongy. What's this about, please? Analysis: The clucking sound of the extruder means that more consumables are squeezed into the hot end than out of the nozzle, so it is blocked. 1. The problem may be heat dissipation. 2. The extrusion rate is too large, and the supplies are too many. 3. The consumables are too poor. 4. The motor wiring is loose. 5. Not enough temperature. 6. There may be impurities in the nozzle. 7. The feed driven by the rotation of a gear inside the extrusion head may be the top wire of the stuck gear is loose. 8. It may be because the nozzle is blocked. In my case, there was no blockage. But it's probably slowing down the flow. When the speed is set too fast, the extrusion machine will make a kaka sound. I took a look at the GCODE of the slice. This also has something to do with slicing software. Some of them are very short. But the parameters give a lot of extrusion. The extruder lashed out at the material. And the nozzle is a little blocked. The step is lost. That's a lot to think about when there's a kaka in the extrusion gear and mark it with a marker to see if it turns properly when printing.