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What is the best goldfish to keep

2018-04-06 01:36:16

There are a lot of varieties of goldfish, as for the kind of good breeding, also depends on whether you will raise, the fish will be sick. Grass species: fish head flat, single tail fin, fish body is long, and many colors, red, orange, yellow, white and other colors. Dragon's eye category: head flat and wide, eyeball enlargement, prominent eye orbit, many varieties, bright color. Blister eyes: The head is wide and flat, with a large round translucent blister on each side of the eyeball. Eye: a rare species of fish. The pupil is upward, the eyeball can turn up 90°, and protrudes beyond the orbit, without dorsal fins. Pompods: The nostril membrane is developed, forming two bundles of fleshy leaves, like two pompods attached to the mouth, swimming left and right, very handsome. Tall head: The head is wide, and there is a thick round sarcoma, the body is short and round, bright color. Invertebranchiata: The head is flat and broad, the gill covers are turned outward or compressed, the body is coarse and round, no dorsal fin, and the tail fin is large. Pearl scale: belongs to the precious fish species, the surface scale of the fish body is convex, pearl-like, the head is flat and narrow, and the beak is round. Cheap goldfish are easy to keep.