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What mistakes should you avoid when taking your kids to the movies?

2018-04-07 09:36:03

Now eating, singing, watching movies are many people's favorite entertainment items, some families also like to let children participate in these activities after having children. Unlike eating and singing, watching movies is a relatively closed and quiet public place. Meanwhile, the content of movies is rich and colorful, which may not be suitable for children. Therefore, we must try to avoid some misunderstandings in taking children to the movies.


Take the child scientifically, stand in the child's point of view


Try not to disturb others


Myth # 1: Take your child to the movies at an early age. The reason why parents do this may be because there is no one to help with the child, or it may be that the child does not understand the convenience of taking care of. Children in all aspects of development is not good, especially the eyes, taking them to see a movie is easy to hurt the child's vision. And the child is also easy to cry during the movie, affecting others to watch the movie.


Misunderstanding 2: The child is still young, it does not matter if the movie is not suitable for the child to see. As we all know, many movies are not suitable for children to watch, even a small kiss scene, in the eyes of adults may be accustomed to, but in the eyes of children may not be. Therefore, it is not suitable for children to see, try not to let children see.


Mistake # 3: Taking your kids to see so-called blockbusters. Transformers and Godzilla We took our daughter to see, thought she would be very interested in this monster ah, robot ah, in fact, she did not want to see. So let's not use adult thinking to determine what children think.


Myth 4:3D movies are more interesting than 2D ones, and kids want to watch them more. In fact, most of the movies we take our children to watch are also 3D, I believe many parents are the same as me. In fact, complex 3D movies can make children's eyes more prone to fatigue.


Misunderstanding five: To watch the movie must buy the children a big bucket of popcorn, let the children eat while watching. We all know that popcorn is very high in sugar, and even adults will unconsciously eat a lot of it when watching the movie, let alone children. So don't let your kids eat this junk food during the movie!


Mistake five: Taking children to the movies, the seat is not to pay attention to the front or back. Not to mention children, even adults can't stand staring at the screen in close proximity for a long time. So if you're taking your kids to the movies, try to sit as far back as possible.

Matters needing attention

Be sure to let the child do what kind of things at what age, and don't let the adult's misunderstanding bring harm to the child.