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What should I pay attention to when watching a movie in the cinema?

2018-04-07 03:12:40

In recent years, with the progress of society, people's spare time life has been greatly enriched, or watching TV series, or watching movies, not only can effectively relieve the pressure from work, but also can experience a different kind of emotional world outside the reality, which can be described as a lot of benefits. However, in some cases, due to their own quality problems, some people will make a variety of uncivilized behavior when watching movies in the cinema, which seriously affects their personal image. So today, let's talk about the things you need to pay attention to when watching a movie in the theater.


This seems to be very simple and easy to understand, but there are always some people like to pretend to be confused with understand, or sit at will, or occupy other people's seats, not only a low quality of their own performance, but also easy to cause disgust and disgust around people. It is recommended that you must follow the seat number on the ticket when watching the movie to sit, in order to avoid the embarrassing situation of grabbing seats.


In daily life, some people will reveal the plot in order to show their sense of superiority, some people will ask questions in order to close the relationship with girls, and for a long time, it will affect the viewing effect of others, and it is one of the uncivilized performances. It is recommended that everyone should try to keep quiet when watching the movie, do not shout, do not talk loudly.


Due to different personal habits, some people like to eat some snacks during the movie, which is allowed in the movie theater, but if you eat some food that is too pungent or crisp to make sound easily, such as stinky tofu, various nuts, etc., it will not only cause damage to the overall viewing environment, but also be seriously criticized by others. It is recommended that you remove popcorn and drinks while watching the movie, and it is best not to bring other food.


If you suddenly want to go to the bathroom on the way to the movie, you should try your best to go out low, so that you will not disturb the people behind you, and you can avoid falling because the light is dim and you can't see the road clearly. If you are in a position that is difficult to low, you should leave quickly at the fastest speed, not to delay others for too long. This leads to incoherence in the plot.


Mute When watching a movie, turning to mute is not only a kind of respect for others, but also a performance of their own high quality. If the bell is always ringing and the voice is constantly talking, it will make the overall environment become extremely noisy and affect the mood of the people around. It is suggested that everyone should try to do "mute, listen in a low voice, go out to answer" to ensure quiet.


In daily life, some people either put their feet on the seat in front of them when watching a movie, or occupy two seats for one person, which will affect the overall image, and will be looked at by others. It is recommended that everyone try to ensure that the sitting posture is reasonable when watching the movie, and do not change the posture at will to avoid affecting the viewing of the people behind.


After watching the movie, remember to pay attention to take away the snacks around the bag, do not randomly discard on the seat, to ensure the hygiene of the theater, and pay attention to check whether the personal belongings are complete, especially, wallets and other things, so as to avoid losing some economic losses.

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