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When the red European and American actress hair evolution history, who do you support?

2018-04-06 06:24:08

Three popular European and American actresses have evolved their hair styles, including Agyness Deyn, Victoria Beckham and Anne Hathaway. hi! Who doesn't have a past...


In 2008, the then Agyness made a splash at Spring/Summer Fashion Week with this sleek new hairstyle. The length of the ear and the thick fringe with orange blush, like a doll with a strong personality, sexy and playful.


In 2009, although the Agyness with black hair is more mysterious, but with this shawl and bowler hat, it is a young witch living in real life, does this "profession" in the world really exist?


2011 can only say that Agyness is too suitable for short hair, even if cut into a round inch length also so good-looking personality. Now that the likes of Anne Hathaway and other European and American actresses are cutting their hair extremely short, it should be warned that while European and American hair is more silky and suitable for short hair, Asian stubbly hair is not the same.


This article is an unauthorized grab from Experience


In 2012, after marriage, Agyness temperament changed, put away all the rebellious punk before, left a head of intellectual short hair, put on more women's dresses, even between the gestures are full of women's flavor. Only sigh, gone girl, never to return...


Victoria Beckham evolution keywords: young spice girls -------- Power Queen: 2003, oh, can you imagine Spice girls still have this period? Forget it! Who doesn't have a past?!