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Where and what do you go when you're in a relationship?

2018-04-07 16:00:14

Many friends fall in love, to a period of time to see a lot of movies or time period no movies to see do not know where to go, in addition to eating is to see a movie will everyone have a similar experience. When talking about the object, it is best to have a common language, but it is inevitable that sometimes you can not think of where to play, you may listen to my ideas.


Have a heart-to-heart partner!! This is a must


Ah ~~ I didn't ~~~!!


A slightly bulging wallet!!


Ah ~~ This has ~~~!!


In fact, two people together eye is the most important, early love can go to coffee and other environment good quiet place, more natural talk about themselves and each other's family, in the early love cafe is a good place oh! You can hold hands in a coffee shop, kiss on the lips ლ(° merchants' ƹ 'merchants ლ). It's beautiful to think about, talking about love and the future...


I think if a man has the foundation, he can consider taking his female friend out to travel more, of course, there is also time. Once I took my female friend to travel once a half year, as long as I have time and a little money, I want to find something new for her, of course, I cherish her very much. In the middle of love is very suitable for travel, free travel, two people spend about 4000 generally can have a good 7-day tour and a good memory.


Girls who like to play games are also cute. A lot of modern girls also love to play games, play the game is not inferior to boys, you can consider buying this kind of multi-player home game machine will, will be based on cute style small games, as well as physical games, very suitable for lovers friends to create an atmosphere at home oh. You can also go to play in the installation of the motion sense game, some do membership cards, this machine you can play, you can pay attention to, I am found by myself, play more fun. During the whole period of love, it is very suitable for hitting the body feeling class and cute class games. At this stage, VR is more popular, but to be honest, it seems that VR is a bit of a burden for girls, and it is not particularly recommended that you can try it


Sometimes not only go outside to play, there are times when you can do more filial piety, if the relationship is to the extent, you can go to each other's home to walk around, eat a meal and so on, and move around more. Guys, take a little note of that.


Stay home and watch a movie. The movie theater has always been a place where young couples often go, but have you ever thought that your home is a movie theater? I searched on the Internet, the projector is divided into different levels, wifi, U disk, etc., the lowest price of about 300, the price is not high, I bought a look for a long time, the projector cast on the wall, slightly inclined, people lie on the bed, cushion two pillows, lying to watch their favorite movies. It feels good. The projector can be considered to install one, and it is not complex as imagined.


See here, friends, if you really love the boy/girl in your side, give him/her a big kiss, don't like I lost, to trace back to the girl who chased. May all lovers in the world eventually become spouses. thank you

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Do you know how hard it is to find someone who really loves you or who really loves you? -- Cherish the person in front of you


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