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Why is Zhang Chu dead, He Yong mad and Dou Wei immortal

2018-04-12 20:48:03

Meaning: Zhang Chu began to be silent; He Yong because of the treatment of mental illness, self-deprecating said, crazy; Dou Wei became immortal, which means that Dou Wei's music is getting better and better, or out of touch with the public. This sentence is from the Beijing News interview with He Yong, the interview excerpt is as follows: Beijing News: In the mountain music Festival, you and Zhang Chu are back. Zhang Chu's performance is not in good condition, and many people feel a little uncomfortable when they see it... He Yong: I watched it very uncomfortable, and I was not satisfied with the performance of the musicians that day, and later I scolded them. I originally said that we are the three patients of Magic Rock, Zhang Chu died, I went crazy, Dou Wei became immortal. The term "Magic Rock Three Jay" refers to the three artists signed by Magic Rock Records, a subsidiary of Taiwan Rolling Stone Records - Dou Wei, Zhang Chu and He Yong. In the spring of 1994, three albums were released simultaneously, including Dou Wei's "Black Dream", He Yong's "Garbage Dump" and Zhang Chu's "Lonely People are Shameful". The "Magic Rock three Masters" have influenced a generation with their Chinese melodies. The reason why the albums of "Magic Rock Three Jie" were able to come out smoothly at that time was that the music recognized that they had potential commercial value, but their works had influenced a generation. Subsequently, and Dou Wei took the lead in expressing his attitude to do things, began not to sound Huaimei stick music, Zhang Chu continued to beat around the bush and feel the hot He Yong also began to silence. In 1996, He Yong was banned for some reason. After the release of the second album, Zhang Chu bid farewell to the rock circle and returned to his hometown to live a secluded life, while Dou Wei completely changed her music style and gradually stepped out of the public's vision. Reference: Net - He Yong: Zhang Chu is dead, I am crazy, Dou Wei Chengxian Reference: Encyclopedia - Magic Rock three Jie